Does long distance relationship work? 

There are people who say long distance relationships are destined to fail. They say it couldn’t be a real one if you are not physically together. I respect everyone’s opinion, but these statements are not generally true even if you check the statistics. Long distance relationships have its own advantages and disadvantages, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. But one thing is for sure, “long distance relationship is not for everyone”.

People have different ways of expressing and receiving love, and as one of the people in a long distance relationship, I can say it’s very crucial if you decide to enter into one. Please refer to my other blog The Five Languages Of Love

People whose top love language is physical touch, a long distance relationship will be tough to handle. This can be an area of weakness that may lead to infidelity. If you decide to enter a long distance relationship, you have to be certain that you are with the right person. You have to know his/her primary love language. Long distance relationship requires commitment just like a normal relationship does, so before you invest your time, emotions, and finances, you should make sure that the person is the right one and worth it all.

In marriage, where a spouse needs to go to another place or country to work, I think it’s very important that you know your spouse’s need to feel loved. We have to face the reality that the need to fill the longing for physical intimacy will be there and it can lead one to go astray just to fill the need unless both are committed to their goals for the family and committed to being faithful and being unselfish.

When my husband and I started our long distance relationship, I made clear of two things that we must give, complete honesty and time. He tells me when other women show an interest in him and I tell him when other men show an interest in me. We agree that we should never go out alone with others and go to places where we can be vulnerable to temptations like going to clubs and pubs or spend overnight in parties.

Long distance relationship can be more intimate than a normal relationship because you tell everything that happens to your everyday life even the simple errands and the people you encounter. You express your fears, happiness, and aspirations. You plan your future together and set goals to achieve it together.

In a span of one year, we planned to see each other and get married and we did. We set goals and continue working on it so we can be finally together. This is what I think is one of the important things in a long distance relationship, you should have a goal and it should be clear where your relationship is going and both should be committed and work to achieve your desired destination.

So does long distance relationship work? Yes, it does.

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