BPI My ePrepaid Mastercard

In my recent post, I’ve shared with you my YAZZ Card and its features. Today, I want to share with you another prepaid card that I use for online shopping, the BPI My ePrapaid. BPI My ePrepaid is a reloadable MasterCard prepaid card that can be used for online purchases from Mastercard affiliated shops online as well as purchases from shops and restaurants in the Philippines and abroad. This how it looks like.


I love my YAZZ Card but I was always wishing that I could reload it online. One time I was sorting out my emails and I saw BPI’s promotional email about their Prepaid MasterCard. I immediately checked how it is loaded and I became excited when I found out that it is reloadable through online banking. I have a BPI savings account and I do my transactions online and I was very happy knowing that I don’t need to travel 30-45 minutes anymore to go to SM and reload my card.

I went to BPI’s website, filled out the form, and submitted it through their site. You can choose to claim it at a nearest BPI branch just make sure to encode it correctly. After a week, I called the branch near me to check if the card is already available for pick up. After confirming, I went immediately to claim it. You have 30 days to claim your card otherwise they will destroy it. They charged 150 when you claim it and you can either pay it cash or have it debited from your BPI savings account if you have one. I also enrolled it on my online banking. When I checked my BPI account online the next day, my BPI prepaid Mastercard was ready to be loaded!

I linked my BPI Prepaid Mastercard to my PayPal account. I recommend that you do it because almost all online shopping sites use Paypal to get paid and it’s very safe. I am more comfortable to use Paypal than giving my prepaid card info directly to the seller.

This is the card that I used for purchasing the domain of this website happywifeyheart.com and it took me just one minute to pay for it!

BPI My ePrepaid card cannot be used in ATMs to withdraw whatever you have loaded, unlike the YAZZ Card. So I think I’ll keep the both of them. I like the BPI My ePrepaid card more because it’s convenient for me to reload it.

Click here for more information.

What do you think of The BPI My ePrepaid Mastercard? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Note: This is not a sponsored review.


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