Day 7 – My Favorite Song

Today is Day 7. Yey!

I had a wonderful time participating in this 30-day blogging challenge, 23 more days to go. Today’s writing task is about your favorite songs. I have two favorite songs. The first one is “God bless the broken road.” It’s a song for my husband. I believe that our past relationships made us what we are now. We learn from the past and it makes us better. We wouldn’t love each other as much as we do now if we didn’t go through what we went through. I am just thankful that the roads we took led us to each other.

My other favorite song is “Great is thy faithfulness.” This is the song I always sing to God. God’s faithfulness to me never ends. In times of pain and difficult times, I talk to God, cry to Him, and just pour out my heart and he always comforts me. I don’t think God has forgotten me even in those times that I have turned my back on Him. He has always been forgiving and gracious to me.

If you want to participate in this blog, please read the Start blogging with the 30-day blogging challenge.

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