Day 8 – My Five Bucket List

Day 8! Whew. Here are my 5 Bucket List.

#1 Aurora Borealis

Seeing a shooting is already fascinating for me, what more if I see Aurora Borealis. How romantic it would be to gaze upon this magnificent lights with my husband. Definitely, the number 1 in my bucket list

#2 Hot-air balloon

I like the feeling of flying in the air, it’s always magical for me.

#3 Japan vendo machine

This first thing I want to do when I go to Japan is buying a hot meal from a vendo machine.

#4 Pottery

I really wanna try this even when I was a kid.

#5 Leap of Faith (Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas)

It’s a 60 feet open-air slide that’s surrounded by a shark-filled lagoon. I’m sure the sharks there don’t bite so I’m gonna go for it!

How about you? What’s your 5 bucket list?

If you want to participate in this challenge, please read Start blogging with the 30-day blogging challenge.

2 thoughts on “Day 8 – My Five Bucket List

  1. Wow what a great bucket list!! I didn’t know about any of these things except hot-air balloons and pottery! I’ve done pottery before and I wasn’t so good at it but I want to add everything on your list to mine now!


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