Day 26 – My Hidden Talents

I’m thinking if I still have any hidden talent because I think have shown it already to a lot of people. I like to sing to alot and I play instruments too. I also love hosting parties and school events. If there are other talents that people don’t know about me maybe it would be these things.

#Using photoshop

My bestfriend taught me how to use Photoshop years ago. Though I am not as creative as she is, I can make something out of my basic knowledge like invitations, business cards, t-shirt designs, tarpaulins, fancy resume and images that I use in this blog.

#Editing videos

If you don’t know I put up a channel in Youtube to upload some videos I edited. I’m not really good at it but I enjoy doing it and I’m happy when my husband tells me that it’s good. I’m dreaming of being a Youtuber someday but I’m still camera shy and hope someday I can be comfortable with it. If you want to see the videos click here.

#Hardware and software troubleshooting

I worked as a technical professional before so I was trained to assemble computers and install Operating System and other software. I guess I have this techy personality inside me. I like exploring and navigating tech gadgets. I specifically enjoyed setting up this blog and customizing the appearance. I had spent numerous hours trying different themes and figuring out how it works. Sometimes I wish to have taken computer-related courses like IT or programming and earn money from doing it.


My husband say I’m a good dancer so I’m including it! Lol. This for sure will not come out in the open. Never. Haha.

It’s a nice feeling when you get to learn new things and be able to use it and share it with other people. My relatives would ask me for help or make something for them and it’s a wonderful feeling that I can put smiles on their faces.

How about you? What’s your hidden talent?

To participate in this challenge, please read the 30-day blogging challenge post.

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