I’m learning French!

Yes, you heard it right, I’m learning French. Thanks to Duolingo, an app from playstore, I can learn French for free. I like Duolingo, it’s easy, fun, and challenging. I know now some vocabularies and can write simple sentences in French, though I’m really not good in the pronunciation part. My husband is Canadian so he knows French, I am overwhelmed when he teaches me how to say the words, it’s hard! so I told him I’ll just concentrate on the writing part for now. I’ve noticed that some words are exactly the same in English. I guess some English words were derived and adopted from French. Anyways, I am determined to finish it, up to the last lesson. I’m not sure how long it will take but I’m definitely taking it seriously.

I’ve read in some articles that learning a new language has a great benefit to the health of my brain. It can create new neurons, they call the process neurogenesis. We lose neurons as we age and this affects our memory. That’s why old people often have difficulty with recalling information or retaining new information. Omg, I tend to forget a lot of things now!

According to the research of Dr. Sahay a neuroscientist, neurogenesis can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and reduce anxiety. When more neurons die there’s a huge possibility to get Alzhaimer’s. I have also learned that depression can make a part of our brain called hippocampus where neurons grow, shrink. It’s scary! I remember one of my favorite actors Robin Williams who had Alzheimer’s disease and took his own life due to depression. Depression prevents neurogenesis!

The good news is, moderate-intensity exercise like aerobics, walking, jogging, and swimming can produce more neurons. That’s really good for me because I don’t like working like highly extensive workout. Any activity that is engaging and relieves us from stress can increase neurons. We also need to prevent things that damage our brain, like not getting enough sleep, eating unhealthy, and not managing our stress. And to tell you honestly, I was scared a little bit upon learning this because I’m guilty of all of it! Who else is guilty?

My mind is all mess since I had my miscarriage. I told my husband I’m gonna take a break and will stay at home for about two to three months before working again and he supports me in it. I have so many anxieties and it messes my brain and makes me unhappy. So now, I’m trying to fix myself little by little by writing a blog, learning French which is really fun for me, eating healthy, and go out and do some walking and jogging. I admit I haven’t done the latter part because I don’t like going out. But you know learning these facts makes me wanna do it. I have to live a healthy life and being healthy is one of the ways to be happy. So maybe I will find some dance exercise in Youtube and dance along with it. Lol.

What new things are you want to learn? What relieves your stress?

3 thoughts on “I’m learning French!

  1. Wow! That’s really nice that you are learning a different language! I’m currently learning Spanish. We have spanish class in our school. So far so good. And I’m sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I hope everything’s alright. I love this post by the way! Learned a new thing about neurons 😉😉 have good day!

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    • I tried to learn Spanish too while I learn French but I’m getting them mixed up in my mind. I’m sure you’ll do good in your Spanish class. I’m glad you’ve learned something about neurons 🙂

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  2. I did 3 years of French in high school, it was so hard. I can remember nothing! Haha

    And I’m so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. There are so many fun dance videos on YouTube you can get into!

    Good luck on your French learning and hope you find some fun things on YouTube! 😊


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