Honeymoon Part I

I’ve been wanting to blog about our honeymoon but I couldn’t do it because I was always lazy to do it. We have tons of photos and videos that I sorted after my husband went back to Canada but I haven’t written anything about them. So tonight finally, I am writing about it.

I told my husband that I don’t mind having just a simple and intimate wedding. I’m a very practical woman. But of course, if we could afford a grand wedding and lots of travel, why not? But in our case, we have to prioritize what’s really important to us. We both agreed that we’re going to have a simple wedding and use most of our money to travel. So we listed all the major places we wanted to visit and allotted a budget for each. The biggest spending is for our honeymoon. We decided to go to Palawan.

I was excited to board the plane but at the same time, nervous. It was my first time to fly, so don’t judge me. Lol. It was not that bad after all.


I was amazed with the clouds like a kid and imagined different things from their shapes.


Unfortunately, my husband’s stomach got upset while we were on the plane. As I was enjoying the view from the window, he stayed in the bathroom half of the flight. I tried to rub his tummy and his arms, but he apologized because he didn’t want to be touched. I felt so bad that I couldn’t do anything to make him feel better.


Once we landed, we went straight to Villa Travelista Travel Lodge. I made the best decision of booking this place because it’s near the airport. I chose this because it has good reviews in Agoda and the rent was really cheap! The owners were so friendly and very accommodating. Ate Amie, the owner, also helped us book our activities. She was very helpful.


The paper doll my husband was holding was made by her daughter. We call it Flat Nova after his daughter’s name. We take pictures with flat Nova wherever we go to make Nova feel that we were thinking of her all the time.



We were not picky with our lodging, so we didn’t have any complaints. My husband actually really liked our hut because it was something new for him. When my husband felt better, we went to the grocery store to buy some food. I got him bananas and probiotic drinks to help cure his stomach flu. We decided to drop by the bay walk and stayed there for a couple of hours.




It was nice to watch the sunset while having a good conversation. My husband was very sorry for having an upset stomach that day. I comforted him and reminded him of the fun activities in the coming days. We headed back to our place and rested well for the activities the next day.

To be continued..

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