Oh Canada

My husband is Canadian and likes to teach me about Canada. I learned about smarties, donair, poutine, beaver’s tail, child benefits, health care, Tommy Douglas, Terry Fox, and even the Bluenose.

He would educate me about Canada’s geography and even give me quizzes about the provinces. I always tell him he should be a History teacher.

I seldom talk about my country’s history but I like educating him about our culture and language. One the first things he learned about my country is our national anthem. Because of that, I also tried to learn Canada’s national anthem. He taught me the English version and I like singing it.

One more thing that my husband likes to talk about is hockey and his favorite team, Ottawa Senators. I found out that they sing English-French version of the national anthem in those games so I asked my husband to teach me how to sing it.

I surprised him by recording me singing the English-French version on Smule Karaoke and he was very happy.

This is me singing Oh Canada.

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