Updating Your Civil Status In Government IDs And Changing Your Last Name

Before updating your civil status, decide first if you’re going to change your last name. This is something that you and your husband should discuss. Changing your last name is not mandatory in the Philippines, so have a talk with your husband why you prefer or not prefer to take his last name. Bear in mind that once you use your married name, you can’t revert to your maiden name unless your marriage got annulled or your husband died.

I asked how my husband feels if I decide not to take his last name. He said it’s fine with him if I choose to retain my last name but he would really be happy if I take his. I took his last name as a symbol of our oneness and in my experience, it makes a difference in our marriage. He was very happy when he saw my IDs with his last name and likewise, I feel proud to be identified with my husband’s name.

The first document that you need to change your civil status is your Marriage Certificate. It has to be authenticated by PSA formerly known as NSO. I got my copy by ordering it online. You can order it through PSAHelpline.ph. You can pay it online using your credit card and debit card. If you don’t have them you have the option to pay through any Bayad Center or 711 ECPay. If you choose to pay through Bayad Center, allow one to two days for payment confirmation. I paid mine using my credit card so it was confirmed within the day and I received the copy my marriage certificate the next day.

Plan your day of going to the government offices. Here are the list of requirements for each agency.

I opted to go to PHILHEALTH first because they give IDs right away. I had my 1×1 ID picture with me so I had it laminated.


If you’re getting a UMID ID the first time, it’s free. If not then you need to pay 300 pesos. You will get your ID after three months.


The next day I went to PAG-IBIG and pay 100 for the LOYALTY card. You should get it after a week or two but until now I haven’t received mine. I availed it in November and until now I haven’t received it. I haven’t made a follow-up yet because I have enough valid IDs now for making transactions.

pag ibig.jpg

I went to my bank within the day because I already have PHILHEALTH card which bears my husband’s last name. You need to present an ID which bears your new last name to get your status updated. Don’t forget to get a new ATM card.


If you’re renewing your NBI clearance, go to the website https://clearance.nbi.gov.ph/ and register. You can pay the fee online using your credit card or debit card or through GCash. I advise that you do this to save time. You don’t have to print your application form, just jot down the code and present it to the guard.


When I got my passport renewed the personnel told me that I need a Commission On Filipino Overseas Certificate because my husband is a foreign national. They extended my appointment schedule for a month to secure this certificate. I booked an appointment through the website cfo.gov.ph and attended the seminar. I paid 400 pesos and got my certificate after the seminar.


I hope this helps. These information are from my experience. Please check the websites for updated requirements.

It felt good to finally update my civil status and get the Valid IDs with my married name. It was not so bad after all. What are you waiting for? Get it done now. 🙂

51 thoughts on “Updating Your Civil Status In Government IDs And Changing Your Last Name

  1. Can i change my passport name to unmarried name i mean my maiden name.how.it is.pls i need ur anser for this.my relationship in my husband is so complicated.i dont want to use anymore his family name.but were not annulled.thanks so much.


  2. You may only use your maiden name again in your passport if you can present any document that you are
    1. legally separated/divorced.
    2. widowed
    3. Abandoned by your husband for a minimum of 10 years.
    Otherwise, you can’t revert to your maiden name.


  3. Hi! I want to update my name and status in SSS, Philhealth and Pag Ibig. Is Certified True Copy of Marriage Certificate issued by the Local Civil Registry accepted?


  4. Can I change civil status with just the Original Marriage Certificate since we need to wait for 6 months before we could get the PSA copy? We just got married last October 2018 and will need to update civil status with SSS since i’ll be giving birth this March 2019.


  5. Hello. I got married outside the Philippines and I am planning to change my civil status and surname.. is there any additional requirements? thanks


    • Hi. I was married in the Philippines but I think as long as you have the PSA (former NSO) marriage certificate. You will be fine. But you might want to call or send them an email first to be sure you have all required documents.


  6. Hi, will I be able to travel abroad with my maiden name in passport and valid IDs? I recently got married but hasn’t made yet change in name and status on any of my IDs. I’ll go Hong Kong next month for vacation (booked early this year). Will there be any issue in immigration? Will it be enough to bring my marriage certificate and CFO just in case? Thanks!


  7. Hi, I don’t see any problem to that. As long as your name is the still the same in all your documents including cfo. You’re not obligated to change your name. You have the choice to use your maiden name. I just preferred to use my husband’s name so I changed my name in all of my documents, including passport and cfo because they all have to match.


  8. Hello, got married abroad but plan to retain my middle name. Do I need to change my marriage status in Phil. documents (ex. passport) from single to married?

    Thank you.


    • It depends on how important it is for you to declare your civil status. In my case, it was really important because I was travelling to another country to join my husband. I used his last name so all my documents should match including the passport.


      • I guess i really need to change my nane too cause my husband foriegn in we already filling documents ..to go US but i dont know how to start changing status


  9. Good day Readers!

    Hi Momsh, please don’t forget to photo copy your government valid IDs. They ask 2 IDs for it.
    I processed mine, our SSS, PHilhealth and Pag-ibig. Tomorrow BIR using 1905 form.
    I also prepare authorization letter for my husband with photocopy of his IDs.

    God bless us.


  10. Hi, once you change your last name to your husbands last name, does this mean your maiden’s last name will now be your middle name?


  11. Im planning to change my surname & status in my passport already booked an Appointment in DFA for friday but saw this yesterday. They didn’t told me about CFO Certificate when I inquire about requirements for changing surname. Need guidance here please, what to do ? Thank you in advance!


  12. Im planning to change my surname & status in my passport already booked an Appointment in DFA for friday but saw this yesterday. They didn’t told me about CFO Certificate when I inquire about requirements for changing surname. Need guidance here please, what to do ? Thank you in advance!


    • Hi. CFO is only a requirement if you have a foreign spouse. If you don’t have the cert they will put stamp on your application and extend your appointment for 30 days so that you can accomplish this requirement.


      • My friends they renew thyre passpprt at the mall they not asking cfo ..but if u renew at main like aseana dfa maybe they will asked cfo


  13. hi, i just want to ask so on all government agencies you came they get all the orignal PSA copy of marriage certificate? or just the photocopy?


    • No. Not all. The only agency that took the original PSA was DFA. Other agencies will not take it but will ask for it for authentication. They will give it back and will just take the photocopy. Again, this was last year when I changed mine. I’m not sure if it still works that way.


    • Hi Karl, sorry for a late reply. It’s up to you actually. You might want to update your civil status in all your affairs with benificiaries.


  14. Hi, I went in SSS yesterday I changed my civil status from single to married and I also replaced my umid card and used my husband’s surname already ,but my problem is how if I have to get my umid id card but I don’t have valid id to present with my husband’s last name can I still get my umid id since this should be my first id that will I have using my husband’s surname?


      • Sabb, just bring your Marriage and birth certificate. Don’t forget to photocopy them first. If you can get a brgy clearance with your married name that will solve your problem.


  15. Hello Sis just came across your blog and it’s very informative. Now I’m processing my visa to join my husband in UK. I have a question though.. I’m stuck here and I can’t move since every agency I went to, needs our PSA MARRIAGE certificate. Any ideas to share on how to get our PSA MC in less than 2mos. ? Because 6 mos to 1year is long enough of waiting.. I can’t just wait doing nothing .

    Thank you in advance 😊


  16. hi, for changing of names in the ids for the govt ids needed is it okay for the id my names will be maiden names and i want it to be changed to my married name?


  17. Hello, I hope you can help me with my question… do I need to use the new (married) name when filling up forms? For example Part I-A of the Member Data Change Request form for SSS? Thank you!


  18. Hi. Any idea po kung meron na yung nakapagpa update ng status single to married peru gamit pa din ang maiden name? Gusto ko sana iupdate info ko sa BIR peru yung maiden name ko pa din sana gusto ko gamitin,. Thanks!


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