How Winter Taught Me To Be Thankful

It took days for it to sink in that I’m already here in Canada and finally with my husband. My first day didn’t start very well. When I landed in Toronto airport, I started to have fever. I was already wearing a jacket but it was not enough to keep me warm. I was shivering. Fortunately, there was a shop in the airport that sells hooded shirts so I bought one because I still had another flight and my luggage was already checked in. When I finally reached the Halifax airport, there he was, my husband, with a huge smile on his face. That moment, the 26 hours of travel and all the nerves during the immigration interview felt all worth it. It was surreal. For a moment, I forgot I was not feeling well.
If you’re someone from a tropical country like me, I am certain that you have dreamed of snow and winter. It’s a beautiful dream, but little did I know that winter will break my spirit. The first time I walked a short distance to get to the library, I felt like I will die. It was freezing cold that it pierces through your winter jacket, gloves, and shoes. Your face and fingers feel numb, your eyes dry up and forces your tears to fall. This is not how I imagined winter will be like, it is supposed to be heaven just like how you see it in movies! My mind fast forwarded to the days I start working and facing the freezing cold everyday that it is so bad I would want to go back to the Philippines! The thought of it discouraged me. It would be terrible!

It was my third day and it was gloomy outside. I was lying in bed burning with fever and my mouth was so dry. It didn’t help that Lincoln had to work that day, I felt helpless and lonely. I asked myself, why do I feel so discouraged? Isn’t it what I have prayed for? I have been praying to God for more than a year and He answered my prayer! I’m already here with my husband!

I started to think of the Filipino brethren from the Christian Fellowship Church who picked me up from the airport, and some who gave me winter jackets and shoes. My mother-in-law who welcomed me with open arms and gave me winter clothes and slippers. My brother-in-law’s wife who made me hand warmers.

When I started to look at these things that God has provided for me since I came here, it changed my view and lifted my spirit. I began to appreciate the little things that gives me warmth like hot baths and showers, leg warmers, comforters, hot chocolate, and the warm embrace of my husband every night.

How could I got easily discouraged with fever and cold weather and felt like I will not be able to endure the coming days? Have you ever felt the same? Were there times you think the comings days will get worse and feel hopeless or helpless? Maybe what I am sharing now might not be as bad as you have experienced, but what I’m certain is that there are times our circumstances can block our vision that we don’t see and appreciate God’s provision and blessings. We dwell in our troubles and soak in the feeling of how unfortunate we are.

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for us in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.

I have read this verse numerous times but I have never fully understood what it meant until now!

To pray and to be thankful no matter what situation we are in, this is the will of God for us! God will see us through in everything we are facing, for in our troubles, God shows His works and his love. All these things we will enjoy and experience if we will learn how to be grateful.

It’s my third week here now in Canada. It is still cold but I now see and feel it’s beauty.

7 thoughts on “How Winter Taught Me To Be Thankful

  1. Your quit a good wrtter and insightful person Jimi. .and yes hang in there with your trust in God because thre are a lot of wonderful things to experience and see in winter and before you know it, Spring will be here and the birds will be singing their matting songs and flowers will be blooming,bees buzzing, and then you’ll be so toasty warm in the sunlight that you’ll want to walk through the new green grass in your bare feet and try out the latest style of shorts, T-shirt, and sandles. Welcome to Canada and enjoy all that it has to offer each season.


  2. Mam Jimi! So happy to read every single word of gratefulness from you! God bless you on your journey with hubby! Continue to be a blessing! Take care always! 😘


  3. Hello, new reader here! ❤ Stay warm and excited ako magbasa ng future adventures mo. Everything will be worth it kasi magkasama na kayo ni hubby. 🙂


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