The Joy Of Simple Walks With My Husband

My husband doesn’t have a car. He doesn’t see the need for it. Our house is near to school, library, grocery stores, restaurants, banks, and other establishments. I guess that is one advantage when you live in a small town.

Walking and running is not only a hobby for my husband, it’s a way of life for him. He walks 8.8 km to and from work everyday. He walks everywhere. It’s the very opposite of me. I never liked walking nor running. I tried it when I was trying to lose weight, but then I lost interest eventually.

It was Saturday, it’s a day I always look forward to because my husband is off work. I was excited. Guess what my husband wanted us to do? To walk the Albion and Samson Trail. When I made my wedding vow, I promised to do things that he likes doing and to always do things with him. So I get dressed and grabbed my camera.

My husband was so considerate that he brought me to Tim Hortons first to get me a hot a French vanilla latte to keep me warm.

It was a cold day and I never imagined I will enjoy walking despite the chilly weather. Let me show you why I had a wonderful time.

When we reached the Albion Trail, I started taking photos. It sparked the love for photography in me.

There were benches along the trail and I thought how lovely it will be to just sit by during Spring and Summer.

As we look at the tracks, we noticed the footprints of a pheasant.

The Albion Trail is connected to Samson Trail which leads to New Glasgow. What a lovely place. As we walked, it stirred up joy in my heart. How blessed I am to have my husband holding my hand, conversing with me as we were walking the path.


The river is frozen and we could hear the sound of ice cracking. I was amazed. I wonder how brave I am to try and walk on it.

There were gym equipment for public use, my husband dropped his bag and hang on the bars the moment he saw it.

I was amazed to see birds resting on the top of a tree.

I took picture of this tree, different from other trees because it still has leaves.

Look at some of these maple leaves trying to keep from falling.

I was nice to see some flowers thriving in winter.

At last, we reached New Glasgow!

It is now my fourth week here in Canada and now I understand why my husband developed the love for walking and running. What not to love in it when you are given beautiful places and weather?

I thank God for the joy of simple walks with my husband.

5 thoughts on “The Joy Of Simple Walks With My Husband

  1. This is so sweet!! Your photography is beautiful as well. Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts about walking with your husband. Though sometimes it’s a bit miserable with the cold (though I’m sure not anywhere as cold as Canada!), I love going on daily walks with my husband as well. ❤


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