We almost got into trouble!

It was Sunday and the weather was really nice. Since there was a Filipino service in the afternoon at church,  My husband and I decided to attend it instead of the morning service so we can spend more time with my step-daughter before she goes back to her mom’s place in the afternoon. We decided to play and fly the small drone that her dad bought her in the park. Before we went out, I decided I will bring my dslr camera and take photos using the manual mode. I decided to figure out how it works. I took some shots which were either pure white or pure black and I wondered if I will ever figure it out or just go back to using the presets. After some unsuccessful shots, I finally got one picture where I can see an image. Yes! I was happy I didn’t give up.

We went to Allen Park and while the two were playing, I took the opportunity to practice.

I discovered that using the manual mode always needs adjusting depending on where the light is coming from. I went around to practice more.

Not bad eh? I guess I will keep on using the manual mode and maybe I will get better at it. We were lucky enough to see a squirrel and I thought I won’t be able to capture it because it was moving too fast, but suprisingly, it stayed on a branch for a moment and even looked at me!

We started flying the drone and it almost got us into trouble. I told my stepdaughter to give it a try. When she did, it went up so high that we started shouting in excitement. It turned to a tree and we lost sight where it landed. We were laughing as we rushed to find where it was. A lady from the house across the park peeked from her window and asked “what is happening?”. We stopped laughing and immediately picked up the drone and walked farther to the middle of the park. My husband said, “Okay, it means it’s enough flying for today.” I laughed and said, “Hon, this is a park and people go here to play and have fun, just relax.” I remembered my childhood and thought of the grumpy granny neighbor who always shouted at us whenever we play outside. And then my playmates and I would walk away and giggle. Oh, I miss my childhood. Since when did I understand the word problem and stress? Do you remember?

We checked the drone and one of the blades was bent. Fortunately, there were spare parts included in the box.

We tried to fly it again but it didn’t go high because the battery was almost depleted. I guess you can only fly it for some time. We played in the monkey bars and slides before we went home. We decided to pass by the brook. Of course, I took some photos along the way.

I saw bullrushes and got really curious. The two grabbed some and ripped them open and let the fluffy stuff blow away in the wind, it was wonderful. Only, our coats turned white after, good thing we managed to rub them off.

The brook was nice and we wanted to hang around a little bit more but we needed to go home on time.

It was a fun day for us. I got to experiment with my dslr camera, and overall it was a learning experience for me and really enjoyed it.

Any advice dslr experts?

3 thoughts on “We almost got into trouble!

  1. Aww what a fun day! That’s so nice that you’re getting along & spending time with his stepdaughter. ♡ I think your photos turned out great, too. Love the one with the squirrel! & I’m glas you didn’t let the grumpy lady ruin your fun!


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