I miss the Filipino Food!

If there’s one thing I miss besides my family, it’s the food from the Philippines!

We’re very lucky to belong in the Filipino Community here in Canada because it’s makes a lot of difference. They’ve been settled here for quite a while, and it’s a comfort that you have someone to turn to for advice when you encounter things with uncertainty. You not only get to hear their experiences and advice, you also get to eat their Filipino cooking! My husband and I get invited to Filipino gatherings and we get to eat Filipino food. Oh, he loves… Filipino food.

Before I came to Canada, I was able to have contact with my husband’s Filipino friends, Emerson and Rizza from the Christian Fellowship Church. We feel really blessed with this couple because they are always there to pray for us and answer our questions with regards to my visa application. Emerson was the one who drove my husband to the airport to pick me up and Rizza was the one who arranged a welcome party for me. This couple also makes sure we have a ride going to church every Sunday! They are wonderful people and have blessed us in many ways.

Last Sunday, Emerson played in a Filipino basketball League in Halifax and said he will drop by the Filipino store and he can pick something for me. So I asked him to get pancit canton and langonisa for me.

The longanisa only lasted for two days because my husband doesn’t like sausages so I had it all for myself. I ate it with my favorite dip, vinegar and garlic and it was heaven!

I should have stuffed my luggage with Filipino food when I came here. I didn’t realize how much I will miss it. Well, I guess the saying is true, “you’ll never know how much you’ll miss something until it’s gone.”

My family sometimes tortures me with the pictures they send to our group chat. I miss eating with my hands. I still dream of my favorite foods – tinapa, daing na bangus, sinigang, bicol express, tinola, and mango. I didn’t believe when Lincoln said that mangoes are way better in the Philippines until I tasted the mangoes here. It’s true, totally true! We ordered a glass of mango juice in one of the restaurants here and it was really disappointing.

On the positive view, I’m getting used to what I eat here. Actually, I got some of my favorites here also. I also eat rice once in a while, and to be honest, the brown rice is better here. I’m also learning how to cook Lincoln’s usual meal and I’m proud to say that I’m getting better at it. What I’m happy about is that I get to eat more healthy and get to work out with Lincoln here. Something that I don’t get to do in the Philippines.

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