A night with James Mullinger

A month ago when we walked the Albion trail to New Glasgow, we visited the New Glasgow Square and checked on some upcoming events. One event that caught our interest was the James Mullinger Tour showing on February 8. My husband decided to get the tickets.

James Mullinger is a comedian from England who moved to St. John, New Brunswick to spend more time with his family as he practiced his craft. His move to New Brunswick was a challenge because he was not sure if the people would welcome his comedy. Fortunately, his decision was a success because when he held a show in 2016 at Harbour Station Arena in St John, the tickets were sold out!It outsold Jerry Seinfeld, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and Jeff Dunham.

I was not actually expecting a lot because I was not sure if I will be able to relate with his jokes because of the culture difference. I was surprised because from the moment he opened his mouth I couldn’t stop laughing. He was a natural and it felt like having a conversation with a friend who tells hilarious experiences of moving to another country. Yes! I could relate with him!

His jokes circled around Maritime’s culture and people’s way of living which are different from where he came from. I find it very funny when he took out a New Brunswick newspaper and compared it with the news in England. A report of a couple hoping to open a pita pit franchise made it to the front page. Here is an example video:

I also noticed the same thing here in Stellarton. We went to see a play at the New Glasgow Academy, on the day of its showing, I saw it on the front page of the newspaper. There’s so little violence to report here that a school play makes the front page, I just love it!

We had a lot of fun that night. It’s nice to hear ourselves laughing out loud. I’m glad he bought the tickets. After the the show, James went to the lobby to greet the people. One of the staff offered to take a photo!

You can catch one of his shows here:

One thought on “A night with James Mullinger

  1. Sounds like so much fun! The best comedians are ones that everyone from every culture can appreciate. 🙂 So cool you got to take a photo with him afterwards, too!


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