Burgers For Beginners

It was my first take on making burgers and fortunately my husband loved it, so I’m sharing this for beginners like me. Gather your ingredients and start making your first burger.

Get a pan and spread butter on it. Put your formed beef patties and sprinkle pepper and salt on both sides. You need to remember that patties shrink as they cook so make them wider and a little thicker.

While waiting, prepare your buns and other condiments. I used brown bread because we were out of buns. I spreaded some mayonaise and put boston lettuce and tomatoes.

Chop some onions and put it on the pan while your burger is cooking. You can put them aside once cooked and put them on top of your patties later.

Once your patties are already cooked, put the slices of cheese on top and let them melt. Cover the pan for 30 seconds to melt the cheese.

Once the cheese is melted you can now put the patties on your buns. Put the onions on top of the patties and add some ketchup and mustard if you prefer.

Here’s the finished product.

We loved how it turned out. Try to experiment the next time like adding bacon, chili, and different kinds of cheese! It’s your choice!

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