Little Road Trip

The day was nice and my friend Reggie didn’t have to work the day so he decided to drive and show me some places in Pictou. We went first to the near track and field. It was empty but Reggie said it could be crowded during summer. I am not a runner but if I was, I would take advantage of this. It was huge and of course it’s free for public use.

We headed to Iona Park the next. Like the track and field, the whole park was empty. Well, I guess we’ve got some company.

ducks in Iona Park Pond

You can sit on one of the benches and listen to the sound of the flowing river. It is a relaxing place to go to.


I brought the ukelele with me so we jammed for a little bit. The sound of the river flowing was amazing!

Reggie and I singing Perfect

Our last stop was Melmerby beach. The wind was really cold but I still managed to pose for some photos. I wonder what the water feels like in summer.

Melmerby Beach

On our way home, Reggie noticed something moving beside the road, we stopped to find out and there it was, a porcupine!


We enjoyed our little road trip and Reggie felt wonderful because he got to drive the car that he just bought. It is nice to visit places here in Pictou County not only because they are pretty but it’s also because they are not crowded. Most places are empty so it is really relaxing. A perfect place to reflect and even play ukelele!

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