Day 20 – What Makes Me Happy

I can’t believe there are only 10 days left to this challenge. Time flies!

Today’s challenge is to write about what makes you happy.

#1 Praying

Prayer has a very powerful effect on me and my life and my whole being. I always feel comforted and relieved whenever I talk to God. I pray for almost anything, most of all I pray for my loved ones. There is this sense of security that I feel when I lay down all things that I worry about, the things that I need, the things that I hope for. Knowing that God owns everything and knows everything gives lightness in my heart.

#My husband

I feel happy whenever I spend time with my husband. That’s why in all my tasks and activities he is the priority. When he calls me, I stop everything that I do.


I feel happy when I get to blog and publish something in a day. It’s an accomplishment. And of course, when someone reads, like and comment on my blog, it makes me happy.


I’m happy that I’ve been consistent in dancercise. I feel happy whenever I do this knowing that I get healthier. I will also add some stretching and planking every day. I’ve learned that it’s good for my back.


I feel happy when my family gets together and go out. It’s fun when we eat out, talk, and laugh.

There are a lot of little things that can make me happy, but most all I’m happy knowing that there are people who care for me and love me for who I am. I most happy because I have a husband whom I can spend the rest of my life with. How can I not be happy?

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Day 19 – My Favorite Movie

One of the things my husband and I always do is watch movies. How do we watch a movie when we are miles apart? We play the movie at the same time. Lol. Most of the time we pause and talk about a particular scene. We also take turns in picking the movie. I pick a movie that I have already seen that he hasn’t seen yet. And then next time, I pick a movie that both of us haven’t seen. Same goes when it’s his turn. I can say that I liked all the movies that he picked that some became my favorites. Here are the movies that I liked the most.


I fell in love with this movie because the story is really interesting. I was amazed how the script writer linked Forest Gump’s life to a lot of famous people. Forest Gump’s innocence made his character so colorful. The story is so unpredictable and very entertaining.


This story is about a man who was accused of murdering his wife and was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment. His life in prison was very extraordinary.   The movie also gave a surprise ending. I’m not gonna tell you what happened because I don’t want to spoil it.


This story is really inspiring because it is true to life story. It’s about a poor girl in Uganda who learned how to play chess and was able to compete in different places. I like it because it shows how compassion and dedication can make a difference in other people’s lives.

The movies that I like has dark stories. Stories that leave you a lot of question in the end, while the movies that my husband likes contain social issues. Watching movies is quality time for us because we get to exchange our point of view and get to know each other more.

How about you? What are your favorite movies?

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Day 18 – Photograph Of Me

Here are my photos for the last decade… I was laughing while looking at my pictures because I could see myself aging yet I feel like my mind didn’t change. I showed my husband the pictures and this our conversation. I bet you liked 2014 and 2015 the least. Yes. How did you know? Do […]

Day 17 – My Favorite Blogs

Today’s task is to write about your favorite blogs. I like reading the blogs of the people I follow here in WP, they are awesome people and I learn from what they share. But these are my favorite Blogs.


That’s my husband! My husband started blogging with the 30-day blogging challenge. I encouraged that we do it together and he was really cool with it. He is such an inspiration to me.

Tandem Trekking

This group of people like to climb mountains and share their experiences with stunning photos. They make me want to go out and enjoy the nature.

Ashlin Horne

For me she is a talented writer, she shares her observations and thoughts in beautiful writings. I’m just amazed of how good she is. She inspires me to write better. This is my favorite post of her – Idaho:What makes love last?

I also have some favorite vlogs. Here are my favorite vloggers/youtubers.

Wil Dasovich

He has been making youtube videos for two years and I think he’s the most successful youtuber in the Philippines. This guy has been recently diagnosed with Colon Cancer Stage 3 but he stays positive. He still makes videos at home and he’s such an inspiration. I admire this guy for being so active and productive. His videos are an encouragement for me to explore the world and live my life to the fullest.

The Frost Family

I stumbled upon this channel when my husband and I started dating. I wanted to connect with a Filipina who is in an interracial marriage so I searched. After watching just one video, I immediately fell in love with this family. Steph and her American husband share their life as husband and wife with their beautiful kids. I get to see what it’s like to have a family. Steph inspired me to make my own youtube videos. And I hope to get better on making videos too.

Exploring Alternatives

This is a channel of a couple who took a big leap by selling their house to live in a van and travel throughout Canada. Yes, they embraced the life of minimalism. If my husband doesn’t have a child, maybe I would convince him to try this kind of life and experience the nomad life. This couple inspires to live with less and be happy.

How about you? Do you have favorite blogs or vlogs?

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Day 16 – Thoughts On Education

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. I won’t be the person I am now without education. I don’t think I will have the capacity to write in the second language and be able to communicate with other people on the other side of the world without education. […]

Day 15 – Where Will I Be In Five Years?

Where will I be in 5 years? This is the easiest question in this challenge.

I will be in Canada, God willing!

If you have read our love story you would know that my husband and I, met and dated online. My husband came to the Philippines for the first time last May, and we got married!

When people found out that we were getting married after just seeing each other for the first time, some raised their eyebrows. Some said I was really brave. How can I marry a person when I have just been with him in flesh for four weeks? I guess I am brave. But all I can say is I made sure that I knew what I was doing.

Maybe you are thinking that I was not being careful, I totally understand. But to tell you I was very cautious. I know anyone can be dishonest online, but how can you not know someone when you talk with him for 2-4 hours every single day, sometimes a half day, and sometimes even a whole day for one straight year! Yes, that’s how committed we are until now. Even if it’s online, you will get to know the person well enough. You just have to find ways. I talk to his daughter and I talk to his mother too. I ask him about everything in his life, and I don’t know if I’m just really good in knowing someone or I just got lucky. I want to think that it’s both.

I don’t encourage others to do the same because there are all kinds of people out there. You have to be very careful. This is not for everyone. Not every long-distance relationship succeeds just like non-long distance relationships. There could be horror stories in any kind of relationships. But for me, it turned out good.

In six weeks that we got to spend time with each other in flesh, he exceeded my expectations. He’s a great person that I could go on and on in telling good things about him. I can’t count how many times I picked a fight, threw tantrums, and got dramatic yet he stayed calm and spoke gently. When I’m so emotional and blow things out of proportion, he never raises his voice or says anything mean. He’s so kind that I ignore how he feels.

When you know the person loves you so much, when you know he is always there, when you know he would never hurt you, when you know he will always forgive you, you tend to take him for granted. I’m glad I realized how self-centered I was because I definitely don’t want to be an awful wife!

Waiting is hard, but if after that, I get to be in my husband’s arms again. I’ll be happy to wait.

If you’re reading this honey, I love you very much. I thank God for you everyday.

How about you? Where will you be in 5 years?

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Day 14 – My Three Healthy Habits

I feel happy today. I haven’t felt this sense of fulfillment since I stopped working. I know that working is exhausting, but staying at home can be exhausting too. When I wake up in the morning I have so much in mind, I think of the things I wanna do. I start with one task but then I remember another task and I keep on jumping from one task to another and at the end of the day I feel frustrated and feel so unproductive because I haven’t finished anything!

So last night as I was lying in bed, I told myself that I will start to be organized. I’m not the type of person who likes writing a to-do list. When I do, it doesn’t get done. I just ignore it and do whatever I want. So I promised that today, I’ll stick to my plan. I listed all the habits I want to form and tasks I need to do. Instead of indicating a specific time, I indicated the duration of each task and set a timer. Though I wasn’t able to accomplish the things in the latter part of my list because I woke up and started late, it was a good start.

So these are the three healthy habits I started today.

HEALTHY HABIT #1 Drinking water after waking up

I am used to drinking milk in the morning and I know most people prefer drinking coffee but I think it’s also important to consider the benefits of drinking water first thing in the morning. Although coffee has antioxidants, it is dehydrating. When we sleep, we slowly become dehydrated throughout the night and thus we need to rehydrate our body when we wake up. Upon learning the benefits of drinking water, I promised myself I’m gonna stick with it. These are the benefits I’ve learned about drinking water.

  • It speeds up your metabolism (can increase metabolism by 24% for 90 minutes)
  • Your brain function properly (Water is the fuel of the brain)
  • It flushes out toxins in the body (When we sleep our kidneys do the cleansing, so we need to flush the toxins out by drinking water)
  • It reduces body fat (Drink more water if you’re overweight.)

HEALTHY HABIT #2 Decluttering the mind

I can’t explain how cluttered my mind is everyday. I feel restless and exhausted. Imagine a room with things everywhere, that’s how my brain looks. But I’m happy that I’ve learned how to dump these things from my mind. So what I do now is as soon as I wake up, I fill 3 sheets of paper with free-flowing thinking. I don’t think, I just write. I also plan to be consistent in writing in my journal. Here are the things I wanna write down.

  • Things I worry about
  • Negative feelings that I have
  • Things that make me unproductive
  • Things I want to do
  • Things I want to achieve
  • Projects I want to work on

Blogging is good, but I don’t get to write all the things that it’s in my mind when I wake up. Doing this healthy habit will give me more direction and focus.

HEALTHY HABIT #3 Breathing through the diaphragm

I have learned that Diaphragmatic breathing is the healthiest way of breathing. It can help in managing anxiety or panic symptoms. To learn how to do Diaphragmatic breathing click here.

There you are, I’m gonna stick to these healthy habits. I believe all of these can make my life happier.

How about you? What are your healthy habits?

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Day 13 – My Favorite Pet

To tell you honestly, I’m not into pets anymore. When I was in college I had a dog, her name was Beauty and I adored her. One day while I was walking home from school, I passed by a dog by laying by the side road, people were looking at it but I kept walking. When I got home, no one was there and Beauty wasn’t also there to greet me. I checked the rooms but I didn’t find her. I called her name aloud, but there was no Beauty. My heart beat fast and my stomach started to hurt. I hurried out to the street where the dog were laying, and I saw there, my dear Beauty lifeless. The people said she was hit by a car.

I grieved for a week or two, I remembered Beauty all the time. My sister is a cat and dog lover and all members of the family take care of her pets. But even though I look after them, I don’t feel any affection for them. I rarely pick them up or rub them. I just do it occasionally. I guess it’s psychological because of a loss years ago.

But maybe someday, I’ll get one. But if ever I would have a pet again, it would be a pug. Other people find them ugly, but I find them very cute. I am not a very active person so I really like a lap dog. The one that would just sit beside me or stay on my lap. Maybe someday.


Day 12 – Five Countries I want To Visit

I’m happy to have new followers recently. Thank you Hunida and Keira. You two are awesome! It’s always nice to know that someone is reading your blog. Today’s writing task is five countries you want to visit.

#1 Canada

This is number one on my list because my husband is a Canadian. To give you some info, my husband and I met online and dated online for a year. When he went here in the Philippines last May 2017, we got married. After six weeks, my husband went back to Canada, and everyday I’m dreaming of being united with him again. Because I live in a third world country, getting a visa is not easy. As of now, we are still waiting for some documents so finally we can file a spousal visa application. Aside from my husband’s province Nova Scotia, I want to visit Ottawa, Quebec, and PEI. I’m excited for that.

#2 Japan

If I’m going to visit a country next to Canada, it would be Japan. I’m fascinated with Japan’s culture and people. From how they invent things, how they are passionate with what they do, and how they preserve their culture and traditions.

#3 Greece

I appreciate beauty and art and I am amazed of the structures and fountains in Greece. I would like to have a taste of their food too. My husband has a Greek neighbor and owns a store that serves Donaire. My husband says it’s really delicious. We have some kind of donaire here in the Philippines but my husband says Pictou County’s donaire is way way better, so I guess food in Greece must be really good.

#4 Israel

I want to visit Israel because I’m reading the Bible and somehow I want to see for myself how it feels like to be there. I want to swim in the Red Sea. My husband is not keen to visit Israel but I still hope someday I could go there.

#5 Maldives

I like nature especially sunrise and sunset at the beach. I also love snorkeling and seeing beautiful corals. When I see pictures of Maldives it feels like home because like Philippines, it’s also a tropical country.

There you are. If you want to participate in this challenge, Please read the Start blogging with the 30-day blogging challenge post. Have a great day!

Day 11 – My Five Favorite Foods

Here are my five favorite foods

#1 California Maki

California Maki Rolls Americas Contribution to Sushi Food

I like it best with mayo and wasabi.

#2 Bibimbop


This is really addictive for me. It’s delicious and healthy at the same time. I like it spicy.

#3 Turks Donaire


I can’t get enough of it. I like it super spicy.

#4 Burger King Grilled Burger


I never get tired of it and I indulge myself once in a while.

#5 Hawaiian Pizza


There are a lot of kind of pizza but I always prefer Hawaiian. Maybe it’s the pineapple and the bell pepper, I just love it.

Actually, as I was writing this blog, my sister arrived with 25 kilos of brown rice. She said we will start our healthy diet. I gained weight again since I got pregnant. I swear I’ve planned to go out and run every morning but I just I couldn’t beat up my body. It has been always hard for me to start things but once I do, I’ll keep up. I hope I find enough motivation again to do it.

How about you? What are your 5 favorite foods?

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