Filipina-Canadian Love Story

With the technology that we have today, everything has become possible. The ways of communication have always been evolving and it’s much easier to connect with our friends and family. People get to meet and talk, and see people on the other side of the world without meeting in person. My husband and I were one of them.

I am an English teacher; even though I remember when I was younger I couldn’t even construct a sentence and couldn’t understand English cartoons and movies. It became an obsession and tried my best to learn. I said to myself, I’m going to be an English teacher, and I did become one. But before I decided to teach I prepared myself by working as a call center agent, and it was there I realized I needed to improve my accent. In my first year of taking calls, customers tell me that I sounded funky. That was it; I had to do something about it. I bought a cd with a book on getting an American accent. After a lot of practice, I got a neutral accent.

When I got into teaching, I looked for a language exchange website where I can talk to Native English speakers so I won’t lose my neutral accent. So I subscribed to (unfortunately it was closed down in 2015). It’s a platform where you can talk to Native speakers for free but in return, you will also teach them your native tongue.

I received an email from a Canadian guy who wanted to learn Tagalog. I taught him Tagalog, but after a while, I started to like him but he  didn’t know. And so one day I told him I couldn’t teach him anymore for some reason. He had a girlfriend that time and I didn’t want my feelings to get deeper because I know it would put me in an unpleasant situation, so I said goodbye and I know it puzzled him. He didn’t have the chance to ask why because I unfriended him in Skype and FB. Lol. It’s funny now when we talk about it. When it happened, he wondered if he had said something I didn’t like or offending in my culture.

After a year, I remembered him and added him on FB again. I found out that he and his girlfriend at the time we were talking, split up and he was in a new relationship. So months went by and I noticed that he liked most of my photos posted on FB even months ago. And I immediately felt something was different. One of the things I liked about him is that when he is in a relationship he doesn’t show interest in other women. When I was teaching him Tagalog, we remained formal. It was very unusual that he liked my photos in FB, so I said “hi” in Messenger to ask how he was doing. I asked “Are you seeing someone now?” and the answer was “No”. I admit, my heart beat fast. I found out that they split up two months ago. We started talking daily and it never stopped. We talked for hours every day after work and on weekends. It went on every single day.

He came to the Philippines after a year of online relationship and we got married. Before I met him, I thought I wouldn’t settle down anymore and would remain single, but my husband is the best man I’d ever had and I’m so thankful we found each other. It’s amazing how people end up together, but I can say, we had ours at a perfect time.