Day 29 – A Confession

My mom was selling meat in a wet market from the day I was born until I graduated from College. Although my mom would never force us to help her in the market sometimes we volunteer to help her. My mom worked hard so she could send us to a private school. My classmates were well-off. My school things were simple while my classmates’ were cool and pretty. When I was in highschool, my mom enrolled us again in a private school. My classmates would invite me to go to the mall and hang out with them but I couldn’t afford it because I never had money for it. I envied them and wished we were rich. I badly wanted to go out with them so one time I helped my mom in the wet market but I took money from the what the customers paid me. I did it a number of times so I can go with my classmates. My mom would count the money before we go home and wondered why it didn’t tally from what were sold. She never thought that I would steal money from what we sold. I was really foolish. My mom was the best. That’s why after I graduated from College, I immediately applied for a work and asked my mom to stop working because she had worked hard for us to finish our studies and I wanted her to rest and enjoy her life.