Filipino friends are the best!

Maybe you are wondering how I have adjusted well here in Canada in just a short time. My Filipino friends contributed a lot to that. It is amazing how Filipinos help each other here in Pictou County. It’s something that I treasure a lot.

Recently, I have been hanging out with my new Filipino friends from around town. Reggie, a filipino who lives accross the street invited me one time for a walk. He was really nice and often treats me to Tim Hortons. We visited some Filipinos who live near us and thanks to him I met new friends. One of them is Ate Lorna. I found out that she was the Filipina whom my husband worked with years ago. One time, she invited me to hang out with them, oh boy, she fed me like there’s no tomorrow. It started with a lunch that I was craving for since I got here.

And here’s for the desert, coconut purple yam! It was delicious.

After I ate lunch, we sat comfortably on the couch to watch a movie and munched with different Filipino snacks. All were bought from Tropa’s Asian and Filipino Food Mart. You can read my blog about it here.

It didn’t end there. Ate Lorna cooked bilo-bilo while we were watching. I was really full and there was no room in my stomach anymore but I couldn’t resist.

It was really good. All ingredients were also bought from Tropa’s Asian and Filipino Food Mart.

I enjoyed listening to their stories and learned a lot from their experiences living here in Canada. They gave tips and advice on how to live and settle successfully here. Here is a photo of my new Filipino friends.

Lorna, Reggie, Nel

Before Reggie drove me home, ate Lorna bagged a lot of clothes for me as if I went for shopping.

Good thing they fit me. She wanted to give me shoes too but my size is too big. That’s one problem I have in the Philippines, it was hard to find my size. Thank God here it’s not a problem anymore.

I feel really blessed to have such a supporting Filipino community here. It makes a lot of difference. It’s always a relief to know they are always there when I need some company.