Ask Your Husband Challenge!

I listed 15 questions for my husband to answer. I told him to be honest with his answers. I gave him the list of questions ahead of time so he could think of his answers. When he was ready, he gave me his answers and we enjoyed discussing it, especially me, I was smiling all the way! My husband agreed to list down his own questions for me to answer! Here are the 15 questions I listed and my husband’s answers.

1. What made you decide to marry me?

“I guess I didn’t consider it carefully. I just followed my heart. It hit me all of a sudden and I thought I want to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you”

2. How have you changed since we married?

“I don’t think I changed that much since marrying you because I’m the one you fell in love with. But I changed a lot since you came into my life. Before you, I never thought of myself as the marrying type. My Outlook changed because of you”

3. What is the sweetest thing that I do for you?

“You fill my love tank. You always make me feel loved and secure”

4. What do I do that make you feel most loved?

“You choose to spend your free time with me. Nothing says love to me more than quality time together. Building bonds and memories”

5. What do you find attractive about me?

“Intelligence. Physically: your eyes, lips, nose and skin color

6. What do I do that you don’t like the most?

“It’s kind of a negative question but right now I’m peeved that I can never beat you at chess”

7. What is the best memory you have of us?

“Airport. I realized you ever more beautiful in person and the hearts were bulging from my eyes like in the cartoons.”

8. How can I help you be a better father?

“Maybe you can help me pick out clothes for my daughter. I’m brutal at that. Just spending time with her too, playing with her, doing fun things together”

9. What makes me the best wife?

“You make me feel loved, happy, and secure. You are committed to the ideals of marriage when many are not”

10. In what ways are we similar?

“We are both passionate about teaching and learning. We both like travel, language, and culture”

11. In what ways are we different?

“I think you are more emotional. I have emotions too but I keep them in check.”

12. What makes you feel insecure about my love for you?

“I think I always feel secure”

13. What are things that you would like us to do together as hobbies?

“Travel, exercise, biking, swimming and indoor stuff. Doesn’t matter what we do as long as we do it together”

14. What do you think are your best qualities as a husband?

“I express my love, patience, loyalty, understanding, supportive”

15. Where do you want to retire?

“I’d consider retiring in the Philippines when my daughter is grown up. I love it there, you’d be closer to friends and family and our retirement dollars will go farther. Maybe it’d be ideal to spend just the cold Canadian winter in the Philippines.”

There you are. It’s your turn! Why don’t you list down questions that you want to ask? You may also use the 15 questions I listed and also share it with your friends. Remind your husband to be honest with his answers. Take this challenge and have a nice conversation with your husband today! You may also post/publish yours.



What I’ve learned after my miscarriage

Before my husband went back to Canada, we found out that I was pregnant. Everyone was happy and excited but at week eight, I lost the baby. I bled and had a severe cramp. When I was in the car to the hospital I told God, “please don’t let me have a miscarriage, don’t allow it to happen. I have prayed to you and for my baby a thousand times, you can’t allow this God.”

I was in the ultrasound room, still hoping that the baby was still there but the doctor showed me the image on the monitor, the baby was not there anymore. I held back my tears until I got out of the room, I was brokenhearted. I blamed myself, that maybe I was not careful enough.

I believe in God and I believe everything happens for a reason, but in my heart, I still ask, “why did it happen? What’s in it for me in the future?” I prayed more and allowed myself to grieve and be sad. I decided to read the Bible again from Genesis, but something happened when I reached the story of Saul and David.

It is said that David is a man after God’s own heart and I thought it was only because he was a worshiper. But I realized that he is a man with a humble heart. My heart felt heavy that I literally got down on my knees. I said, “God, I was arrogant!”

One by one, there were flashbacks just like in the movies. I remembered the comments I made. I remembered the time I judged and condemned other people’s actions because I thought what they were doing was not right and sinful. I was very ashamed of myself. I was proud. I was foolish!

One person stood out as I remember those I looked down to. This person had said unpleasant things to me but I didn’t say anything bad to her. But in my heart, I looked down at her with disgust. I thought she was low and that I was better than her. How proud I was comparing myself to her.

King Saul has wronged David and even attempted to murder him numerous times. But David didn’t take revenge. When Saul died he even grieved for him. How great this man’s heart is!

I was not like David. When I’m wronged, my pride carries me away. I look through other people’s mistakes and character, I judge them and speak ill about them. But that day, God spoke to me and touched my heart. He created each one of us after his own image. All creation belongs to God and it includes people that I hate. I have no right to look down, judge, or ridicule his creations. I am but a speck of dust and God can take away all that I have. God can strip me of the things that I boast of in a snap of a finger.

I realized if had my baby, the more proud and arrogant I will be. Truly, it was a humbling experience. Now, I understand why he allowed it to happen. He is gracious to me. He wanted me to learn something!

I confessed.

I repented.

After that I felt like I was released from my prison of hatred for this person. I prayed for her, that God will bless her life and her family. It was liberating. And most importantly, I’ve learned a valuable lesson, and I know my life will never be the same.

The Five Languages Of Love

Now, it’s time for you to identify your top 3 love languages. List them down and describe situations that back them up. You may also include your spouse’s top 3 love languages as well. If you have wordpress, ping it back to me. If you dont have wordpress, please feel free to write them in the comments section. Have fun!

Does long distance relationship work? 

There are people who say long distance relationships are destined to fail. They say it couldn’t be a real one if you are not physically together. I respect everyone’s opinion, but these statements are not generally true even if you check the statistics. Long distance relationships have its own advantages and disadvantages, but it doesn’t […]