Pamamanhikan (Supplication)

The Philippines has a rich tradition with regards to courtship. In old days, men court their maidens through songs, poems, and letters. Women are not allowed to entertain men outside the house. They must court the women inside the house. Women cannot go to a date without a chaperone. I have a lot of first-hand […]

Honeymoon Part I

I’ve been wanting to blog about our honeymoon but I couldn’t do it because I was always lazy to do it. We have tons of photos and videos that I sorted after my husband went back to Canada but I haven’t written anything about them. So tonight finally, I am writing about it. I told […]

Day 18 – Photograph Of Me

Here are my photos for the last decade… I was laughing while looking at my pictures because I could see myself aging yet I feel like my mind didn’t change. I showed my husband the pictures and this our conversation. I bet you liked 2014 and 2015 the least. Yes. How did you know? Do […]

BPI My ePrepaid Mastercard

In my recent post, I’ve shared with you my YAZZ Card and its features. Today, I want to share with you another prepaid card that I use for online shopping, the BPI My ePrapaid. BPI My ePrepaid is a reloadable MasterCard prepaid card that can be used for online purchases from Mastercard affiliated shops online as well […]

The Five Languages Of Love

Now, it’s time for you to identify your top 3 love languages. List them down and describe situations that back them up. You may also include your spouse’s top 3 love languages as well. If you have wordpress, ping it back to me. If you dont have wordpress, please feel free to write them in the comments section. Have fun!

Does long distance relationship work? 

There are people who say long distance relationships are destined to fail. They say it couldn’t be a real one if you are not physically together. I respect everyone’s opinion, but these statements are not generally true even if you check the statistics. Long distance relationships have its own advantages and disadvantages, but it doesn’t […]